[Example Phrases]:
•. a long list of
•. on the list of
•. list stock on NYSE

[Example Sentences]:
1. You can see the full list for each area
2. The problem is that Apple charges full list price
3. Go here to see a list of a few of them
4. Do you really want the outside world to see your customer list
5. The kind of list you see above you right now
6. This list is built from my own experience
7. You can add people to the list through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone
8. He believes he was next on the hit list
9. One of the most popular shows on this list
10. His name was on a hit list, they told him
11. Is it on the top of the list today
12. Like a lot of the apps on this list
13. The list of likely new products is topped by a new iPhone
14. It expects to update its list at least twice a year
15. Less than half of those companies with security products remain on the list © 2019  Terms of Use | Home