[Example Sentences]:
1. The new finding could help pin down when the Red Planet lost its liquid surface water
2. You have to realize this is like liquid cement and you can be swept away
3. You could have thousands of gallons of liquid under loads of dirt
4. In fact, it is the biggest pulse of radioactive liquid dropped in the ocean ever
5. Those days may soon be over thanks to what are essentially surfaces coated with liquid
6. The layers were deposited under a liquid water ocean, perhaps when life was first emerging
7. While Germany has a liquid intraday market, it is less developed in other nations
8. Another option is liquid metal, which has an enormous energy density
9. Instead, they found it had liquid properties
10. The babies crawl all over her head, trying to get at the liquid that is leaking from her face
11. The researchers consider the droplets liquid because they flow more like a liquid than like any other state of matter
12. The choice of liquid cooling over air cooled systems was touted as much more energy efficient
13. The liquid hydrogen fuel is manufactured using electricity
14. When you put DNA into this solution, though, it starts to organize itself in a bulk liquid crystal
15. Under the proposal, the digital currency would be backed by a liquid asset, most likely dollars or another global currency © 2019  Terms of Use | Home