[Example Sentences]:
1. Nobody in our hunting party knew before or after the name of this lion
2. Big game hunters have felt a backlash ever since Cecil the lion was killed
3. Further controversy surrounded the fact that the lion was wearing a tracking collar associated with a lion research project
4. Palmer has issued a statement saying he had no idea the hunt wasn t legal and regretted killing the lion
5. Walter Palmer faced a huge backlash online over his killing of Cecil the lion
6. Officials unsure what prompted lion to kill fellow big cat at Dallas Zoo
7. The group claimed it was common for lions to be hunted illegally in areas with no legal lion quota
8. The group did not find the wounded lion until 40 hours later, when he was shot dead with a gun
9. When paperwork on such hunts is lodged, the hunters simply claim the lion was shot in another area
10. Inside the stomach, the scientist found a sea lion that weighed about 200 pounds
11. The conservation task force said its investigation suggested that the lion was lured with bait out of its haven in the national park
12. A British activist group, Lion Aid, said Cecil was not the first lion to be lured out of a national park by trophy hunters
13. The response to mountain lion killings of bighorn sheep has been to kill the mountain lions
14. If so, that is unforgivable and a terrible tragedy for lion conservation
15. Rare sight Mountain lion hovering over its kill caught on camera in California © 2019  Terms of Use | Home