[Example Phrases]:
•. malicious link
•. click on a malicious link
•. a URL link

[Example Sentences]:
1. Here is the link to the only official place to get your
2. Do you have a link to any information about this system
3. The software can link data about a single resource that may come from multiple systems
4. The key link to other industry cloud providers is focus
5. There was a link there to look at his profile
6. All users need to do is enable this feature and link it with another mobile device
7. The link would have a similar distance as New York to Washington
8. We will send a link to her location after she has been dropped off
9. Click the link to see how you can help
10. You need to have a direct link to find anything
11. They link their accounts so their loans are all listed in a single place
12. If you have a YouTube channel, you want to link that to your Twitter
13. The link is good for Sunday, so get creating now
14. It was unclear if there was a link
15. The link between the two products lets Outlook © 2019  Terms of Use | Home