[Example Sentences]:
1. A strong fall game lineup and new systems will serve to get consumers excited again
2. The company tore up the old chip road map and established a new product lineup
3. Microsoft revealed the starting lineup of video games for its upcoming Xbox One console on Tuesday
4. As a result, GM has its strongest vehicle lineup in generations
5. The other factor is that I think Apple needs to push the low end of the iPhone lineup even lower
6. Apple is reportedly adding gold to its iPad Air lineup for easier color coordination
7. Fire TV and Roku make it easy to browse the channel offerings and add new channels to your lineup
8. Now the computer giant is extending the lineup to new form factors, including its first laptop and another mobile device
9. Chromebook lineup had a similar expansion
10. The lineup announced today includes only wireless access points APs
11. The solution lineup offers security gateways as well as endpoint, server and mobile security
12. Every camera manufacturer now has a mirrorless lineup, with options for casual shooters and professionals alike
13. If they succeed, the new Mac Pro will probably crush everything else in its price range and the rest of the Mac lineup
14. The nanny later identified Armstrong from a photo lineup, police said, according to the newspaper
15. Valve's Steam Machine lineup is as varied in hardware as it is in price © 2019  Terms of Use | Home