[Example Sentences]:
1. Its limitation is that it runs only on the iPhone and iPad
2. That limitation has been removed and you can now sign up with just an email address
3. The limitation of the human factor in this business will limit the potential for manipulation in the future
4. For now, the most significant limitation is cost
5. The most glaring limitation at launch is the limited app support
6. To imply that such a limitation is a requirement, is less than an intelligent argument
7. The respondents in general plan to significantly increase the number of platforms they use time for some updated BYOD limitation policies
8. I need here to confess the limitation of our analysis
9. Taking away the geographical limitation is good for both the health practitioners and the patients alike
10. Most people think that WebRTC has to be used in the browser because of the name, but there is no such limitation
11. TrueCrypt lets you get around this limitation by creating a hidden volume inside a TrueCrypt container
12. Microsoft recommends creating a snapshot of an Edge virtual machine that users can then restore from later to help manage that limitation
13. For some users, that will be an unacceptable limitation, but for others, it might just be an inconvenience
14. The biggest limitation is the low transmission rate 20bps which cannot be used to transfer large amounts of information in a reasonable period of time
15. One last limitation is that Excel for iPad can only be used on one workbook at a time © 2019  Terms of Use | Home