[Example Phrases]:
•. raise the debt limit
•. ATM withdrawal limit

[Example Sentences]:
1. They limit the amount of data that can be seen
2. It has placed no time limit on how long the search will continue
3. This could limit the games and apps you will be able to access for this tablet
4. There is a limit to the speed of your data access when using this free service
5. He said no time limit had been set
6. The limit for how long you can keep items is usually about a week
7. They did look into ways to limit posts on a Facebook page or post
8. Can you prevent an attack or limit how many files are infected
9. If you typically go over your data limit each month, lower the bit rate
10. There is no time limit on the operation
11. When you have a community engaged, the sky is the limit
12. She said it was mission critical that the US agreed a new debt limit
13. The standards also limit the use and sharing of the data and how long it is kept
14. In Europe they are debit cards and have a hard limit per transaction
15. Is there a limit to the number of songs you can have in a playlist © 2019  Terms of Use | Home