[Example Sentences]:
1. We believe there is a great likelihood this was a terrorist attack
2. What she did is test for a likelihood that this interference could occur
3. The forecast for this quarter is conservative because of the likelihood of further declines
4. European leaders have expressed different opinions about the likelihood of treaty change
5. One major reason for their advantage is the greater likelihood of their supporters turning out to vote
6. The likelihood of such problems increases the longer people stay out of their homes, living in camps
7. In all likelihood, smartphones have also replaced your GPS navigation unit
8. So the likelihood of doing that on more basic phones was dim, and not worth the effort
9. He also noted that Mexico had warned migrants of the likelihood that they will be returned to Central America
10. Especially if you consider the likelihood of voters accepting more initiatives that have a political or economic impact
11. Then, he is given the true likelihood
12. The likelihood of further disruption to OPEC supplies and the boost to consumption from cheap fuel also support prices
13. For all users, the likelihood of interception is low
14. In any household that has a smart phone or a tablet, the likelihood that they have cut the cord increases substantially
15. It shifts the point of attack typically from the whole world to physical proximity, reducing exposure by means and likelihood © 2019  Terms of Use | Home