[Example Sentences]:
1. I liked a sector that was just trying to get itself off the ground
2. If she liked you, she would do anything in the world to help you
3. The more successful a man is, the more he is liked
4. We would have liked to vote on those issues separately
5. I also liked the ease of getting my Twitter messages direct to the watch
6. I liked things the way I liked them
7. Why people in this city liked it is unknown
8. I told him I was happy to lend it to him for as long as he liked
9. Would we have liked to have gotten the service up and running sooner
10. I really liked the look with the black battery and the red frame
11. I would have liked to seen fewer features, lower cost on the Fire phone
12. I really liked it as it let me easily see all the stuff in my iTunes library
13. When we first met I immediately liked you
14. We especially liked achieving the goal of creating this all together
15. I really liked how he thought © 2019  Terms of Use | Home