[Example Sentences]:
1. What we actually saw was a marked increase in lightning
2. The idea that lightning has roots in space is not a new one
3. It must have been a storm and it was struck by lightning
4. Instead what we actually saw was a marked increase in lightning
5. To get started, connect your iOS device to your Mac with a lightning cable
6. Why a Venezuela lake is hit by lightning thousands of times a day
7. Oregon was where the majority of the lightning occurred
8. The case is powered by your phone and plugs into the lightning jack
9. The convictions took less than nine months, lightning fast by Indian standards
10. The company is sometimes lightning fast, and sometimes
11. Not all researchers are convinced that cosmic rays play a role in generating lightning
12. For many centuries, humanity believed that lightning was caused by the collision of clouds in the sky
13. However, thunderstorms in the forecast Thursday bring the risk of new fires caused by lightning strikes
14. California fire officials say their biggest concern is that forecasts call for lightning that could spark more blazes
15. Google now says the lightning struck a local utilities grid, and as a result, the grid lost power © 2019  Terms of Use | Home