[Example Sentences]:
1. The new tablet is also expected to be lighter than the previous version
2. The processors will be more efficient and the machines will be lighter and cheaper
3. A company representative said that the final product will be much more refined and lighter
4. Intel has pushed to transform PCs into lighter, more powerful and more mobile devices
5. So while it looks less angry, it is a touch lighter
6. This is the lighter, more agile world of SaaS alternatives that the world
7. Amazon touted the lighter side of instant tech support using Mayday in a statement
8. New estimates suggest dinosaurs may have been lighter than once thought, scientists explain
9. This efficiency means a little power goes a long way, allowing for smaller battery packs and lighter materials
10. Big as in in thinner and lighter
11. Using carbon fiber not only allowed Ford to make the car lighter, but also helped it create a unique design
12. I am an SLR user and thinking of a lighter camera
13. Though the gray finish looks even lighter with bright light reflecting off of it, as you can see here
14. There are lighter computers out there, but none that pack so much goodness for their size
15. Sony said the headset has been made lighter so that players do not find the unit cumbersome or uncomfortable to use © 2019  Terms of Use | Home