[Example Phrases]:
•. UV light
•. dose of UV light
•. mottled light
•. especially in mottled light

[Example Sentences]:
1. The scope of the investigation is only now coming to light
2. What is unusual about this case is how it first came to light
3. You get similar light output for a lot less money
4. It is not a light issue for me
5. Now, it appears that Samsung has seen the light as well
6. The details that we see in the light curve are incredible
7. It offers a light lunch and entertainment once a month
8. You know what else has proven to light a fire under markets
9. IBM missed on earnings per share and was also light on revenue
10. The result is a much deeper black level and a little less light output
11. A doctor who treated him said he had only light injuries
12. The information came to light in a lawsuit that Microsoft filed against Samsung in August
13. A unified Windows OS risks being a light PC OS and too heavy for phones
14. There is always the chance that light might emerge
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