[Example Sentences]:
1. A lift is just what stock investors need
2. The company wants to lift the number of outside directors to two
3. He also called on the government to lift a blocking of mobile phone signals across the state
4. Any one of the reforms is a heavy political lift
5. How do you lift those people up
6. The rising tide of Apple Watch interest and sales will lift all wearables boats
7. Those still on board after the lift was stopped were evacuated, a process that took about two hours
8. Once detected, we will try to find and lift up the black boxes as soon as possible
9. Was he ever likely to lift it to his ear
10. Taking into account the improvements already underway made the lift we had to achieve a lot lower
11. Republicans have been more reluctant to lift the economic penalties
12. After officials voted to lift the ban, they published
13. They wanted to talk to us about assisting with the migration, the lift and shift
14. Parliament is to vote Tuesday on whether to lift his immunity protection for the corruption probe
15. It may get a lift from a new technology that lets ad signs interact directly with consumers through their smartphones © 2019  Terms of Use | Home