[Example Phrases]:
•. lavish lifestyle
•. his lavish lifestyle

[Example Sentences]:
1. It just so happens that our lifestyle happens to be a privileged one
2. The other type was led by people who sent their members information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
3. The next generation of consoles can only succeed if they can integrate with this lifestyle
4. For some, building a business is a lifestyle choice
5. After the IPO, I am sure his lifestyle will be simpler
6. TV delivers content from sports to music to lifestyle entertainment, according to Google
7. I have a really busy lifestyle, between working in the technology sector and writing about the tech industry
8. I want to create a lifestyle brand
9. Their lifestyle as well as their diet may have become focused on the land rather than the sea
10. It boils down to giving consumers the vehicle they need to fit their lifestyle
11. Thanks to a wealth of innovation among lens makers, you can match the lens kit to your lifestyle
12. Was it a lifestyle that caused the trauma that led to early death
13. For instance, an aggressive man might get into fights and eventually die because of his violent lifestyle
14. It was a good year for new Android apps too, from entertainment and lifestyle apps through to more serious productivity tools
15. That puts them closer to lifestyle class than premium cans © 2019  Terms of Use | Home