verb transitive,noun

[Definition]: certificate, permit granted for a business or profession

[Example Phrases]:
• an MIT license

[Example Sentences]:
1. You need a license key and a service to manage the device
2. Those serious about the system can buy a license and go further
3. Apple has also been working to license more content for people to watch via Apple TV
4. The idea was that there would be a free app that contained your license
5. A digital license could also be updated more easily than could your plastic one
6. He declined to comment on whether those chip makers need to pay for the license
7. In other states, the military license is not considered at all
8. Yet it still relies on partners to license its operating system to make devices of their own
9. Google will keep most of its Motorola patents and will license other patents to Lenovo
10. You should never need a license when you report a bug to get it fixed, they added
11. The police had his name and license plate number, but not his home address or phone number
12. In some cases, enterprise license agreements can be used for Azure instances
13. Getting a new license to the software
14. Users can login from their Mac desktop, iPhone or iPad under the same license
15. The California financial code requires companies engaged in the business of money transmission to have a license © 2019  Terms of Use | Home