[Example Phrases]:
•. API core Javascript library
•. DVD library

[Example Sentences]:
1. The largest library in the world has an IT problem
2. It was at the library where Smart came close to being rescued once again
3. We are working with our library partners now to assess
4. This is a library that is going to impact education
5. Select it to see all the music videos in your library
6. The first is the system library, which is at the following location on your hard drive
7. The library of pictures allows users to explore how technologies developed over the years
8. So I set Google Photos to be private and had it scan in my media asset library
9. They vary in the size of the library, cost and how they deliver their content
10. In this way, your entire photo library can be accessible on your iPhone or iPad
11. I really liked it as it let me easily see all the stuff in my iTunes library
12. We are following reports of an OpenSSL library issue
13. The main issue is the integrity of your iTunes library
14. Under every picture in your library is a small heart outline
15. No one is going to be converting their entire library using this method © 2019  Terms of Use | Home