[Example Sentences]:
1. Nobody liked to get hacked, but companies were not legally liable for the damages
2. Those lawsuits have generally argued the suppliers are liable for breaches due to setup and maintenance errors
3. Uber is saying it was not liable
4. Because they are not tax resident in Ireland, they are not liable to Irish tax
5. The District Court of New Jersey ruled that the FTC can hold companies liable that fail to implement sufficient security practices
6. Tennessee just passed an especially severe law holding women criminally liable for giving birth to babies who experience NAS
7. After that deadline, any retailer that has not yet made the move would be held liable for the costs of a data breach
8. The city is now targeting 4,000 buildings with soft stories liable to collapse in an earthquake
9. Had it lost, Apple could have been held liable for as much as a $1 billion
10. Mr Hague said Britain still did not accept it was legally liable for the actions of what was a colonial administration in Kenya
11. PR agencies could be held liable for the damage they caused to the online reputation of client businesses through the execution of normal practices
12. That means that Samsung is still liable to pay Apple more than $500 million in connection with the original jury verdict
13. Currently, card issuers are liable for fraud
14. • Remember that you are not liable for charges on stolen account numbers
15. However, if Apple is found liable, it could still face damages in a separate trial by the state attorneys general and consumers pursuing class actions © 2019  Terms of Use | Home