[Example Sentences]:
1. She said it should include liability for companies and privacy protections for citizens
2. It would seem Apple is taking on tremendous liability with this market
3. You can even get liability insurance to operate now
4. In many cases data is a liability
5. With that, typically there will not be liability for configuration errors
6. If the wreckage is located, the evidence may establish liability of other parties
7. One incentive could be a form of liability protection
8. They should be concerned about potential company liability in situations where Google Glass might increase the risk of accident
9. Often, the fact that a data set is actually a liability is ignored in much data processing
10. Use a credit card that limits your fraud liability
11. The law generally shields Internet companies from liability for illegal activity taken by people who use their services
12. The card limit is then set back to zero, allowing buyers to reduce overall liability and exposure
13. The banks have met with officials in recent weeks to lay out how they see their liability, the person said
14. The Delhi Police is also checking on the possible legal liability of Uber in the alleged rape over the weekend
15. In a way, the cracks in the liability protection look similar to the ones organizations face under PCI © 2019  Terms of Use | Home