[Example Sentences]:
1. It also might give the retailer negotiating leverage with the largest carriers
2. Or depending on how much leverage you have, just state it as a requirement
3. He who owns this segment has the most leverage for how a lunar base is built
4. It means fast collaboration, leverage the value of the diversity that we have and move quickly together
5. You can leverage this into discounts and savings
6. Our challenge is how to leverage big data without being big brother, said Holmes
7. This will help startups capture and leverage rising volumes of big data from growing mobile and social networks
8. The committee and other regulators refer to leverage in a different way than investors and analysts do
9. They can leverage their existing JavaScript skills to develop mobile apps
10. Once you have that in place, you can leverage that process to develop or improve everything else
11. Organizations should be looking for new ways to leverage the people within their organizations for the benefit of all
12. Our file serving can also leverage public cloud
13. Obama indicated Monday that he was ready to use that support as leverage to win money for domestic programs
14. The key is to leverage cloud IaaS as
15. He thinks customers are expressing interest in Power to gain pricing leverage against Intel
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