[Example Phrases]:
•. to its highest level since
•. to its lowest level
•. the same level of
•. to the highest level
•. the highest level in skyrim
•. the highest level of
•. to the lowest level
•. a high level of
•. a new level of

[Example Sentences]:
1. Intel also wants to drive change at the industry level
2. What level of access to this nation does the government have
3. You can upgrade your storage level right on your iOS device
4. You are a vehicle to get them to the next level
5. The best way to photograph children is to get down on their level
6. A similar switch would take place on the local level
7. They found this same level the next time they measured
8. It definitely forces you to take your game to the highest level
9. We expect an iPhone level of expertise in everything we use
10. We wanted someone with the energy level only a young person can have
11. We are truly the only company investing in these new areas at this level
12. It would have definitely taken these great shots well up to the next level
13. Google may have been caught off guard by the level of interest among business users
14. As such, they lost out in the market share and volume level
15. So SAP is taking that connection to a new level
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