[Example Sentences]:
1. He has been very good at letting us do our thing
2. He says the important thing is letting people know when data is collected
3. The plan of letting the market correct itself is working
4. Microsoft is letting these customers reserve the new operating system now
5. In March, Facebook began letting Messenger users send each other money through the app
6. Even Google is in the space, letting you pay via Gmail
7. Netflix said it was merely letting customers know that the Verizon network is crowded
8. That separation is important for enterprises that are letting their employees use their own devices for work
9. At the moment anybody could set up as a letting agent
10. This allows users to control playback from multiple devices or leave the house while letting the music play
11. This has the benefit of letting users quickly find all the blog posts about a particular subject
12. The attacks have the potential of letting hackers execute arbitrary code on infected computers
13. Either way you ve got full manual control, letting you take control of your shot
14. That included letting them design and set up the marketplaces for people to shop for new insurance
15. You could receive a notification from your oven, letting you know your cookies are done
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