[Example Phrases]:
•. in a letter to
•. an open letter to
•. FDA warning letter

[Example Sentences]:
1. They wrote a letter to the market that they were coming
2. A group of technology companies have also released an open letter to the Senate
3. The president said Wednesday that he sent a letter to the FCC in support of this effort
4. I have no other way to get my message across, their letter said
5. A Cisco spokesman confirmed Sunday that the letter had been sent to Obama
6. The letter will be presented at an international AI conference today
7. In an open letter to the president
8. On Thursday Amazon said its statements in the letter still apply and did not comment further
9. In his quarterly letter to investors last week
10. Amazon did not immediately comment on the letter
11. She said she received no reply to the letter
12. She loved it so much she wrote a letter
13. All the group needs to do is file a letter seeking an exemption
14. The script and letter were new examples of what one expert has called
15. Users will love having a drive letter to which they can refer
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