[Definition]: very damaging, may cause death

[Example Phrases]:
• a lethal injection
• lethal force
• lethal aid
• lethal dose
• the most lethal
• lethal epidemic
• lethal weapons
• extremely lethal
• a lethal dose of pentobarbital
• a lethal labyrinth

[Example Sentences]:
1. It said in some cases, the use of such less lethal weapons
2. The attack was one of the most lethal uses of weapons of mass destruction in decades
3. They hoped to send them home to carry out lethal attacks, intelligence reports said
4. His lethal injection was the third in Texas this year
5. Those three executions in recent months have renewed the debate over lethal injection
6. Israel has also been going after individual Hamas figures in recent days, to lethal effect
7. The drugs used in executions by lethal injection all have valid clinical uses
8. It is more lethal to humans
9. If the casualty figures are borne out, it would be one of the most lethal attacks in many years
10. He said that the officer was lucky to be alive and certain he had no choice but to use lethal force
11. The execution of a convicted murderer in Missouri is on hold, amid growing debate over lethal injection
12. Or someone who hacks into a connected insulin pump and changes the settings in a lethal way
13. Williams said the group needs to do some serious fundraising to put more pressure on countries to ban lethal autonomous weapons
14. Secretary of State John Kerry to Kiev to reiterate its plea for lethal aid
15. A US official was later quoted by Reuters as saying that no US offer of lethal assistance has been made to Ukraine
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