[Example Sentences]:
1. The school version will include special lesson plans and teacher management tools
2. The difference between needs and wants may be the most important lesson of all for kids
3. What is the lesson for business in these examples
4. That seems to be the lesson coming out of the Federal Communications Commission
5. I think it is an object lesson in making sure the strategy is right in the first place
6. The big lesson cloud computing needs to learn from the history of the web
7. So the lesson I learned was the responsibility to do the opposite for someone else
8. If you want a lesson in success, start with the right ingredients
9. By the next morning I had learned a valuable lesson about my limitations
10. In other words, its current level of success is already the perfect object lesson
11. The latest lesson involves the risks of allowing password sharing among employees
12. The second lesson that Apple needs to learn is the price of the iPad Mini Retina is too high
13. Perhaps Panasonic could learn a lesson from how Nokia addressed this issue in India
14. The bonus lesson is to have a plan
15. Google has finally learned that lesson as well
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