[Example Sentences]:
1. The court has yet to deliver its verdict on the lesser charges
2. Of course a services startup has lesser risk involved on this front
3. With the assistance of machines, we are generally capable of greater output in lesser time
4. All of its software and services are predominantly there to drive hardware and to a lesser extent, media sales
5. Two died, and several pleaded guilty to lesser charges
6. A lesser man would have found reason to delay and not act, Katz said in an email to The Times
7. He can be found guilty of a lesser charge of culpable homicide based on negligence
8. She was called to testify regarding a lesser count relating to the alleged reckless handling of a firearm
9. To a far lesser degree I was bothered by the several seconds it took to switch from one channel to another
10. Most of the rise in opposition to the death penalty has come from Democrats and to a lesser extent independents
11. Boehner has forced other lawmakers to resign for lesser offenses
12. Dunn still faces at least 60 years in prison on the lesser counts
13. The judge is expected to deliver a ruling on a lesser charge of culpable homicide, known as negligent killing, when proceedings resume
14. Hall died March 2, and 21 others pleaded guilty to lesser charges before the trial began
15. Last week, Sinclair pleaded guilty to three lesser charges involving adultery with the captain and improper relationships with two other female Army officers
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