[Example Sentences]:
1. The move is the latest in a lengthy government battle to have him deported
2. These products have to be designed for simplified integration rather than lengthy systems integration
3. This has been a lengthy process
4. The main reason cited was the lengthy FDA approval process
5. Read through the lengthy product page at Amazon
6. The whole process is detailed in a lengthy tutorial video at the Amazon listing
7. The lengthy process explains why so many ETF providers are looking to get potential funds registered early
8. These migrations can require large teams and a lengthy process
9. The decision is termed because a permanent policy decision would require a lengthy process that includes public hearings
10. Among the allegations was that the hospital covered up lengthy delays in supplying care for veterans
11. The lawsuits represent the first legal challenges to the new rules in what is expected to be a lengthy court fight
12. The lengthy, controversial approval process this year sparked protests and garnered national attention
13. The punishment could range from forgiveness and deportation to a lengthy sentence in prison with hard labor
14. For example, after a lengthy investigation
15. Given the extraordinary size of the current search area, the lengthy duration of the analysis effort was to be expected
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