[Example Phrases]:
•. lend credence to the idea
•. would lend credence to

[Example Sentences]:
1. I told him I was happy to lend it to him for as long as he liked
2. Banks can use the proceeds from these sales to lend more to businesses
3. Kerry was expected in Cairo on Monday to lend his support to the stalled talks
4. So it does not lend itself to a great deal of flexibility for any staff that are managing clients
5. As part of its experiment, Google will lend each school three pairs of Google Glass
6. A negative rate means depositors pay to lend the bank their money
7. Two powerful cores would lend itself to a dual chip configuration
8. For some banks, agreeing to lend can be a way to establish a relationship with companies going public
9. If owners try to resell or even lend their glasses to someone else, Google may simply
10. Despite some early concerns about virtual touchscreen controls, I found that they actually lend a surprising amount of precision
11. That would mean their ability to lend to other banks, smaller banks, is going to be more restricted also
12. A reluctance by banks to lend
13. The new Google software for mobile devices even lets you lend out your phone without worrying about a friend circulating your naked selfies on Facebook
14. That data does not lend itself to traditional capture, cleansing and storage
15. The lucky ones here that are unharmed and have plenty of supplies it is up to us to stay for awhile and lend a hand
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