[Example Sentences]:
1. We do not know if it is legitimate or if it has been altered
2. Many times these are fraudulent sites made to look like the legitimate retail sites
3. The Taliban have argued that government officials and workers are legitimate targets
4. The only exception to this policy is for a limited set of legitimate business purposes
5. Even at a legitimate resort, these can really add up
6. A DDoS is an attack method used to deny access for legitimate users of an online service
7. Any channel that can be used to display legitimate news sources is a good one
8. The exception is for a limited set of legitimate business purposes, the company said
9. First, the is delivered through the same networks as legitimate ads
10. The device believes the software comes from a legitimate source and then grants access to sensitive data
11. If you are a prosecutor doing a leak investigation, this is a completely legitimate way to proceed
12. An FBI spokeswoman confirmed the alert was legitimate but said it would not be posted publicly
13. Using trusted domains from legitimate services can help extend the life of a malicious link
14. The increase was partly driven by the overall surge in online advertising, most of which is legitimate
15. Users may also have trouble recognizing domain names that are very similar to the legitimate service
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