[Example Sentences]:
1. For them, this is really an issue of legitimacy and of presidential mandate
2. It would cast doubt on the legitimacy of the court
3. Legal legitimacy came to the firm six years after it was founded in the city
4. Once it passes we will officially have the legitimacy that the Brotherhood keeps talking about
5. If they don t, Israel will gain international legitimacy to continue
6. The selfie phenomenon appears to have won a certain measure of legitimacy from Apple
7. The level of turnout will be decisive in giving legitimacy to the winner
8. Questions have been raised about the legitimacy of the demonstration
9. The credibility of this election has been marred by administrative and legal violations which affected the legitimacy of its outcome
10. When it starts looking as if people are having a hard time participating in our meetings, then we are losing our legitimacy
11. If the electoral reform is voted down, there would be problems for the legitimacy of the next chief executive and his cabinet
12. Its entire legitimacy derives from the perception of strength and resolve
13. From 2017, the chief executive will at least have the legitimacy of being elected by Hong Kong people, backers say
14. She's one of thousands of immigrants hoping the identification cards will add a degree of legitimacy to their residency in Colorado
15. There will be no international monitoring of the referendum Sunday, probably leaving the legitimacy of the vote count open to criticism and speculation of fraud
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