[Example Sentences]:
1. The current system produces a leader without a base of political support in the legislature
2. The Illinois legislature passed a ban on therapy Friday, and has sent it to the governor
3. The legislature opted for civil unions, becoming the first state to do so
4. The California legislature has passed the first law of its kind designed to reduce sexual assault on college campuses
5. For example, a governor may veto a bill passed by the legislature
6. Now that the verdict has been issued, the state legislature would be wise to heed what that indicates
7. The vote on Sunday will substantially overhaul a legislature once dominated by loyalists of ousted former president Viktor Yanukovych
8. This view is consistent with a 2001 audit report from the Massachusetts legislature, stating the project
9. In 2013, the legislature passed another measure to cut taxes even more
10. The money, approved by the legislature in 2013, started becoming available this past April
11. California Senate Bill 467 had earlier won broad bipartisan support in the state legislature, passing both legislative houses with overwhelming support
12. Our representatives in the Brazilian legislature urgently need to understand that the free flow of information is a critical part of our national infrastructure
13. Instead he became party chairman in 2010 as Democrats, who control the legislature, contended with a popular Republican governor
14. Bills introduced in the state legislature in February call for strengthening financial literacy education in middle and high schools and adult education programs
15. The project started in 1996, when the state legislature approved a $75 million bond to fund the work
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