[Example Sentences]:
1. The legislative push in North Carolina is still very early and may not advance
2. Any major legislative change brings with it an element of risk
3. Democrats have made it clear that targeting female voters will be a central part of their legislative strategy
4. He said his staff was already turning over records to prosecutors and to a legislative investigative committee
5. Details of the bill and how each legislative member voted
6. The currency is designed to be without any financial or legislative authority, but maybe some regulation is needed after all
7. The emails touch on a range of issues including taxes, legislative proposals and affirmative action
8. They can offer a legislative framework for the states to adopt, but then the political variables come into play
9. Among the legislative recommendations was the need to change the ITC standard for obtaining an injunction
10. Although there is substantial support for removing the flag in both the House and Senate, the legislative process is elaborate
11. Backers of legislative requirements want downloadable applications to be made available for existing devices, too
12. He also needs its help keeping legislative priorities, like immigration reform and the health care law, moving forward
13. Instead, McCain wants to work on legislative fixes
14. There was little opposition to repatriation voiced during legislative debate
15. Other legislative efforts have run into roadblocks
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