[Definition]: the process of making laws

[Example Sentences]:
1. At least one state is looking to address those costs through legislation
2. It will be a very critical time in the life or death of this legislation
3. He could call for a vote on the legislation without allowing further changes
4. It should be weeks or even days, and it should not require any additional legislation
5. The intelligence panel is due to vote on the legislation on Thursday
6. He declined to comment on the House legislation
7. New Jersey and New York are considering similar legislation
8. Both of these pieces of legislation came about well before the internet emerged
9. That legislation would end the bulk collection of telephone data
10. He called the bill a really sound piece of legislation
11. The new legislation is also finding backers in the software vendor community
12. The lack of interest in immigration legislation was apparent on a recent House GOP conference call
13. Some states have been introducing legislation to protect their critical infrastructure
14. They have to be principle based, but recently they tend to go to rules based legislation
15. Parliament is considering legislation, but has not yet decided what to do
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