[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple has been protected by its lawyers, but also by its legend
2. He first thought of an underwater robot to help him discover if an ancient legend of buried treasure was true
3. What Cook found out instead is that there is no preparation for the scrutiny that comes with succeeding a legend
4. Getting behind the wheel of such a legend was a privilege and an experience that we are unlikely to ever forget
5. Yet another urban legend about North Korea bites the dust
6. Why has this weird legend grown
7. Since Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007, the device has taken the mobile phone market by storm
8. Inside Israel, the prowess of Unit 8200 is the stuff of legend
9. Perhaps this unknown bear inspired the legend of the yeti, the researchers said in the study
10. His late wife, Susan, is a race legend, who won four times
11. McAfee is considered a legend in the computer industry for creating and popularizing antivirus software for the masses
12. Engraved on the wall is the legend We wanted something better, so we built it ourselves
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