[Example Sentences]:
1. It is important that it is legally clear and robust
2. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision
3. In many cases, this information may not be considered legally protected
4. People have been able to buy recreational marijuana legally in the state
5. Everybody wants your money the IRS too, but at least they will take it legally
6. Authorities have said the Sewol was fully licensed and operating legally
7. We will pursue our rights fully both legally and politically to protect our rights
8. The audit will consult people both inside and outside of government, and will access legally available information
9. He was armed with two rifles legally owned by his father
10. The vast majority of officers also believe legally armed citizens are important in the reduction of crime rates
11. Nobody liked to get hacked, but companies were not legally liable for the damages
12. It seems pretty clear that Microsoft is legally compelled to do this and would not otherwise do it voluntarily
13. He had a state permit allowing him to legally carry a concealed firearm
14. If a bar serves alcohol, it cannot legally allow cannabis use as well
15. We use YouTube and SoundCloud APIs to stream music legally and meet all requirements and terms of services © 2019  Terms of Use | Home