[Example Sentences]:
1. Samsung and Apple are in a global legal battle over smartphones
2. He believed it was his legal right to take the camera
3. Microsoft wants to make it easier for legal professionals to work together in Office
4. She said the company does not comment on legal matters
5. Wednesday in the last of three previous legal cases
6. We believe in equal treatment of all legal content for all users
7. What would a bitcoin exchange have to do to be legal
8. Neither is the blocking of any legal content on the Internet
9. The UK said it was prepared to take further legal action
10. South Africa is one of the few African countries where it is legal
11. His legal team has declined to say whether there will be an appeal
12. This is not the first time legal papers have been served over Facebook
13. He said no further details will be released because of privacy and legal constraints
14. That is not really a legal concern in a store or on a construction site
15. It is not legal in any country © 2019  Terms of Use | Home