[Example Sentences]:
1. I think his policy legacy for our state is not going to be a good one
2. Facebook will then give the user the option to reach out to the legacy contact
3. Our enterprise customers have a lot of legacy systems
4. I hope all these things are his legacy
5. No doubt there will now be a renewed debate about the impact of that legacy
6. However, there are a lot of legacy issues that businesses have to consider
7. Obama has often focused on that idea of hope in remarks on the Kennedy legacy
8. Intel is a type of company that values legacy and deep compatibility over all else
9. If you have legacy clients, this router should serve them well
10. Some processes are still around for legacy reasons
11. We have an economic history and legacy
12. At the very least, companies will still need network administrators to maintain the legacy sections
13. The legacy contact also can respond to new friend requests and update cover and profile photos
14. They may have legacy infrastructure or they may have sensitive information they want to keep on their own premises
15. Now called BlackBerry, that legacy could be an important attribute to Samsung customers
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