[Example Sentences]:
1. Mavericks is the one that took the leather off of the Calendar app
2. What you see here depends on which view is selected in the leather bit above
3. There are metal and leather bands, including a double wrap version for women
4. Consumers also have the choice of two premium back covers, made from leather or wood
5. I was sent the camel leather one to test out
6. I admit I sort of miss the leather on the Smart Cover
7. Available now is a black leather or limited edition gray leather band
8. Certainly few argue that getting rid of leather and felt is anything other than an improvement
9. The Code Folio sports a leather body that gives it a professional look and feel
10. There is also conductive leather on the tip and sides of only the thumb and index finger
11. You said stitched leather has had its day in the sun in Calendar
12. The leather case features a zippered tablet pocket and two accessory pockets
13. The leather bands are not water resistant
14. The Apple Watch Edition also comes in a fancy leather box that doubles as a charging cradle
15. The phones can also be purchased with ceramic rear covers instead of leather
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