[Example Sentences]:
1. He said there had probably still been much to learn from the site
2. We run across these things and you want to learn more about them
3. We are here to learn some of the things our government did in our name
4. You can learn a little bit at a time
5. How can we learn from something like that in the business world
6. We had to be able to adapt and learn as we go
7. You can learn about how location works across Facebook in our
8. We were trying to learn about the social issues around Glass
9. They learn about the latest technology trends and how to use social media
10. The more information people learn about these programs the less they actually like them
11. Samsung also says it wants to listen and learn how it can better help developers
12. The men will learn what their future at the school will hold at a later date
13. You have to learn how to play first
14. They want to learn what we do here
15. You can use this tool to learn everything possible about your contacts
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