[Example Sentences]:
1. So to move away from that is a bit of a leap
2. Amazon has already taken a leap into the market
3. SAP will likely give a progress report on how many customers so far have made that leap
4. Even coming close to that will require a giant leap of faith
5. This is poised to be the year when enterprises take a giant leap to the cloud
6. It was to remind them of the leap forward that phones took when the iPhone came out
7. It was a quantum leap in terms of the way the applications owners saw this too
8. If we can remove these, we can leap forward quickly
9. This year, the video game industry completes its leap to the next generation
10. England dominates Europe every year or is it every leap year
11. To make that leap easier, Schmidt offers his transition advice
12. With that leap, Instagram surpassed Twitter in number of users
13. The latest game console from Microsoft takes a big leap toward being the main entertainment hub in your living room
14. Of course, consumers will only make the leap to Sprint if they can figure out how the plans and promotions work
15. I feel pretty confident stating that even cheap smartphones will be a tremendous leap over the dumb phone you have now
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