[Example Sentences]:
1. She would lean down to get it and talk to them
2. Unlike many of the businesses in Technology Apple has had some very lean years
3. The past several years have been lean ones for Mars observers
4. To pilot the thing, you simply lean in the direction you want to go
5. This is all done in the name of efficiency, security and financially lean business practices
6. Every company on the planet will be digital and that means most execs will lean that way
7. May would lean toward the FCC losing the case
8. For the Firefox browser, these are lean times
9. Still, for now, BlackBerry has to lean on its smartphone sales to make its keep
10. In the current context VMware can lean on the strength of its tools to help OpenStack made it in the enterprise
11. The big flat panel television screen is a big canvas but not friendly to lean in and touch input
12. Somebody needs to lean on these companies more strongly
13. I lean on my exclusive possession of new research that asked Americans whether outages were upsetting them and why
14. These are the lean years
15. After all they stuck with iWork through four lean years with little updates or attention and almost no new features being added
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