[Example Sentences]:
1. Since then, no further data leak or attack has been made
2. The truth is that Xbox One is just as secure now as it was before the leak
3. On a slower news day, this Snowden leak might be big news
4. Officials alert state and federal government about leak
5. A ranking military official told NBC News, We are going to find the leak
6. Russia will not aid Snowden if he continues to leak information, Putin said
7. If you are a prosecutor doing a leak investigation, this is a completely legitimate way to proceed
8. Another train organization was forced to change its policies after an embarrassing leak last year
9. West Virginia chemical company files for bankruptcy after leak
10. They could then send an email message to the administrator that would leak his credentials when viewed in Outlook
11. Prosecutors who have worked on leak inquiries say the decision to seize phone records is standard procedure
12. They recorded video of the ammonia leak and sent it down to Mission Control for analysis
13. Another critical technology is leak detection systems
14. In a statement, an Uber spokeswoman said, This is not a data leak
15. It said the leak stopped after workers closed the valves and the water did not escape into the Pacific
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