[Example Sentences]:
1. It will only take a few tweaks to make this a major league game
2. As the commissioner of our league they have to make a stand
3. Sterling can have no association with the league or the team, but Silver wants more
4. The league has been very interested in trying to broaden that and bring new statistics to the fans
5. The league has been heavily criticised for its handling of a series of recent assaults involving players
6. He said he would sue the league instead and then revoked the trust
7. The technology was first embraced by individual NBA teams, rather than by the whole league
8. Her position presents a wild card for the NBA, a league official told the Los Angeles Times
9. The couple had been visible at Seahawks events for his first two seasons in the league
10. As far as we can tell, MLB is the only sports league to raise objections about the proposal
11. The commissioner added that he was not prepared to discuss how the league might sanction Sterling
12. Tuesday marked a deadline, set by the league, for Sterling to respond to the allegations against him
13. The league says the service will provide access to the largest digital library of NFL video content that you can get anywhere
14. Kessler said he would have no further comments Tuesday night, and neither the union nor the league immediately commented
15. By 2007, the league recognized that the Internet and mobile devices such as
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