[Definition]: the leaders; ability to lead

[Example Phrases]:
• GOP leadership
• the leadership of

[Example Sentences]:
1. What it takes is great leadership and a great network
2. The timing of the leadership change comes only two weeks after
3. The leadership change comes at a time when
4. I would even argue that no leadership means no change and no transformation
5. This is a test of American leadership
6. In addition to James, Intel announced a few other leadership changes Thursday
7. This hiring program is a key investment to strengthen our future leadership pool
8. There are few women in technical roles or leadership roles
9. We are asking for political leadership now to sort this out before the next general election
10. It argues that the leadership has not done enough to investigate and crack down on militant attacks
11. He urged Obama to exercise some leadership and to engage Congress with a strategic plan
12. Just as security tactics have changed, so too has security leadership
13. This is political leadership based on humanitarian values
14. For more thought leadership on this topic
15. Our customers are engaged in a battle for mobility leadership
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