[Example Phrases]:
•. an autocratic leader
•. longtime autocratic leader

[Example Sentences]:
1. She is a real leader of the industry
2. So it can afford a bit of a loss leader for a while
3. France said it was ready to work with the new leader
4. Britain is at its best when it sees itself as a leader in Europe
5. The Android leader right now is Samsung
6. The majority leader should have seen it coming
7. The rebel leader told me he would not order his troops to stop fighting
8. As your Labor leader I accept it as my responsibility
9. Those arrested include the son of a deputy leader of the movement
10. Time and time again, the death of a senior leader does not destroy the group
11. With the passing of Jobs, Apple lost a public leader and a voice for change
12. In fact, the project is headed by a former Kinect team leader
13. Early leader in call to link funding of federal health care law to government shutdown
14. Customer service is also a concern and Apple is still the leader there
15. At least one opposition leader said his group would not observe the truce
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