[Example Sentences]:
1. I just wish they used a more traditional layout
2. The raw potential of the new layout is huge
3. We had to layout every single key in the keyboard frame by frame per device per orientation
4. The company tweaking the store layout to give more details and provide larger images for apps
5. Under the default layout, you see headlines and the first sentence or two of each item
6. With this feature enabled, changing the keyboard layout will only do so for the currently active document
7. First you choose a system language and keyboard layout
8. Here you can see the final print layout
9. The keyboard layout preferences you set for your account will now be applied to the login window
10. It also understands rotation and can automatically adjust the layout for different aspects
11. Nikon has also rounded out the package by making a few key improvements to the button layout
12. Choose a different design, and your existing content will fit automatically into the new look and layout
13. This gives you the layout of all attached disks
14. To compensate for the limited typing real estate, the keyboard layout is different in a few ways
15. Its clean layout is easy on the eyes and perfect to glance at when you have just a few seconds © 2019  Terms of Use | Home