[Example Phrases]:
•. a lawyer for
•. DOJ lawyer

[Example Sentences]:
1. His lawyer gave him his phone so he could call me from the car
2. He did not have a lawyer and was not asked to enter a plea
3. A lawyer for two of the women arrested during the confrontation
4. Authorities said he does not yet have a lawyer
5. He made a choice to pay privately for the best lawyer he could find
6. She would then fly home to the UK on Saturday, her lawyer said
7. In Hungary, the process needs to be done by a lawyer
8. Her lawyer had asked for a sentence of six months while the government sought at least three years
9. Neither Facebook nor a lawyer for the plaintiffs responded to a request for comment Wednesday
10. A lawyer told the media the father believed that his son was being transported by car
11. The first appeal is heard by a managing lawyer from the area where the original decision was made
12. He was a good kid, the lawyer said
13. The article also said that the jury includes a military lawyer, or staff judge advocate
14. A lawyer shouted back that he should keep his opinions to himself
15. The lawyer is also calling for Hawaii to pass new laws strengthening patient protections © 2019  Terms of Use | Home