[Definition]: proceeding of law

[Example Sentences]:
1. Now it has a lawsuit to deal with too
2. The State Department would not comment on the lawsuit
3. Information on the lawsuit could not be accessed on the court site
4. It has filed a lawsuit against the FCC in federal court
5. The lawsuit was filed soon after it was revealed that Google
6. The information came to light in a lawsuit that Microsoft filed against Samsung in August
7. Apple has spent so far pursuing a lawsuit against Samsung
8. They often have no knowledge of these patents until they are served with a lawsuit
9. The case is a second lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung over smartphone patent infringement
10. The lawsuit is just one of dozens filed against Target
11. His main point in filing the lawsuit is to hold someone accountable
12. The civil lawsuit against Uber in the US is not as straightforward
13. The women wanted to join a lawsuit filed by other alleged victims
14. In the third lawsuit, where Microsoft is now
15. The activists who filed the lawsuit against Baidu could not be reached for comment © 2019  Terms of Use | Home