[Example Sentences]:
1. This is part of my job as a lawmaker
2. The former state lawmaker enjoyed support from other unions and neighborhood groups
3. One lawmaker was among the injured, according to local news reports
4. This post was updated with comments from the Pentagon and a lawmaker, and details about the additional troops
5. The lawmaker also wants Sony to provide a forensic analysis of those breaches, including any evidence of malware
6. Not a single Republican lawmaker raised the issue
7. Russian lawmaker proposes bill that would deny gay parents custody over children
8. Now that issue has returned in Democratic attacks on Gardner, who was closely identified with the ballot initiatives as a state lawmaker
9. Now a veteran lawmaker, he was one of many speakers who also cast the state of race relations as improved but still troubled
10. Pataki was a practically unknown state lawmaker in 1994 when he challenged Cuomo
11. In Moscow, a top Russian lawmaker said the Paris attack demonstrates that it is not Russia which is a threat to Europe and its security
12. When first elected, staff at the entrance to the National Assembly used to assume her male assistant was in fact the lawmaker, instead of her
13. In Texas, SpaceX hired lobbyists and flew a key lawmaker to its offices and gave out about $12,000 in campaign contributions
14. They were the ones largely responsible for pushing the veteran Nevada lawmaker to pull the trigger on ending filibusters against most presidential nominations
15. Cummings warned her that the jury is still out on her tenure, although no lawmaker went so far as to call for her firing © 2019  Terms of Use | Home