[Example Sentences]:
1. They crossed private property to get to the spot where they watched the lava
2. When a lava flow is going into the ocean
3. Small fires from the lava were generating light to moderate amounts of smoke Saturday
4. There are no other structures in the immediate area of the home that was destroyed, but the lava continues to move
5. It took about 45 minutes for the home to be destroyed by the lava
6. The bodies of two children who were among six people killed by lava as they slept early Saturday have not been recovered
7. The seismic waves show lava flows dipping away from the summit of the volcano
8. The movement of the molten rock comes just days after slow moving lava torched a rural home
9. If enough lava pours out, the volcano will build a traditional cone shape on top
10. The researchers suggest these newfound structures are the remnants of valleys filled in with frozen lava
11. It likely falls down the lava tubes and seeps through layers of cracked volcanic rock as groundwater
12. When the molten rock finally broke through to the seafloor, violent steam explosions tossed lava into the air
13. The lava had been flowing at a rate of 10 yards per hour, but the speed doubled Sunday
14. It pours itself all over you like soothing lava
15. Some researchers think plumes of magma from deep in the mantle punch through the crust, flooding the surface with lava © 2019  Terms of Use | Home