[Example Sentences]:
1. If you re looking to get laundry done quickly, this is your pair
2. For many, doing laundry is a lot more involved than just throwing it in the washer
3. While this control scheme still has the potential to improve your laundry experience, the technology isn t perfect
4. So you start a load of laundry and the timer displays one hour
5. This is an excellent feature if your laundry room is located on the second floor or near a bedroom
6. Real is designed to address that need by including all the things men apparently want in a laundry detergent
7. It also promises a shorter laundry day
8. Nobody likes someone who shares your dirty laundry
9. When you re done hand washing, just open the lid and your laundry will fall into the drum
10. Do men really need their own laundry detergent
11. You can screw up your laundry and still make out okay
12. Each can download custom cycles to tackle any load of laundry, and both can be controlled remotely by a smartphone
13. One of the major advantages of a laundry center's design is the unified control panel
14. It does a good job with mixed loads of laundry, and has a control panel that should be familiar to most users
15. Its share in laundry detergent and bar soap markets increased, as it spent more on ads © 2019  Terms of Use | Home